Issue 4 and Volume 1891 9.

FIRE AND WATER FOR the first time in its history the Brooklyn bridge was, on Sunday last, closed to foot passengers. This was considered advisable owing to the quantity of ice which had accumulated on the wires, and which, as the day advanced, detached itself and hailed in lumps, weighing, some of them, several pounds each, upon the roadway below, rendering passage, except in the cable cars, extremely dangerous. In consequence of the precautionary measures taken, there were, however, no accidents to report, and the view presented by the great span of the bridge, with its network of wires, covered with glittering crystal, was something to be remembered. A FEW weeks and the Chicago Gas Company, otherwise known as the “ gas trust,” will be no more. According to a press dispatch, owing to recent decisions of the courts forbidding the company to hold stock in other companies, the directors…

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