Electric Poles in Berlin.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 9.

Electric Poles in Berlin. “In Berlin,” says The Cincinnati Commercial, “the electric are lamp poles are things of beauty. They are more properly brackets than poles, though. The taps from the mains in the streets are carried under the sidewalk to the house wall and then up to the surface. At the sidewalk begins a handsome scroll work affair of iron, which runs up the house and then out over the street, supporting the arc lamp. Near tlie base is a panel door provided with lock and key. Back of ‘he panel is a compartment holding the fuse strips and switch, and a handle which fit* on the square head of a windlass shaft projecting from one side of the compartment. ” The larno-trimmer comes along in the morning, unlocks the panel door, examiner the fuse scrips, throws the switch, takes out the little handle, turns the windlass, lowers, trims…

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