Fire Service Items From Virginia.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 9.

Fire Service Items From Virginia. (From an Occasional Correspondent.) PORTSMOUTH, Va., March 20.—The improvements to the Norfolk Fire Department headquarters have been completed. The changing of the plank flooring to a brick one is a decided improvement, and the trucks for the apparatus also work well. The commissioners in the near future will have placed in the house heating apparatus, and the department will be supplied with the New York Fire Department fatigue caps; they also talk of buying more hose. Norfolk is a go-ahead city and is enlarging itself all the time, and it is necessary that the means of fire protection should keep pace with its growth. The friends of Chief Thomas Kevill of the Norfolk Depaitment will sympathize with him in the of his son, Rev, Father Kevill of Washington, D. C. La grippe has made its appearance in this section, and numbers arc suffering from it;…

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