Specifications for Cast Iron Coated WaterPipe

Issue 18 and Volume 1891 9.

Specifications for Cast Iron Coated WaterPipe At the last meeting of the American Water-Works Association, held in Chicago, in May, 1890, the chairman of this committee was invited to read a paper entitled “Specifications for Cast Iron Coated Water-Pipe;” which paper was prepared by him for the Institute of Mining Engineers, and read at their Washington meeting the previous February. The motion of Mr. J. Nelson Tubbs, “that a committee be appointed by this association, of which the gentleman who read the paper just now shall be the chairman, to report to the next convention of this association specifications for cast iron pipe for the consideration of this convention,” was adopted. Your committee now have the honor to report the result of their investigations and conclusions, and respectfully submit the same for the “consideration of this convention.” It has been the desire and aim of your committee to deal justly…

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