The Flow of Water Through Pipes.

Issue 18 and Volume 1891 9.

The Flow of Water Through Pipes. THE NECESSITY OF MORE ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OP THE FLOW OF WATER THROUGH PIPES, AND SOME EXPERlMt NTS WITH THE ” WATER HAMMER.” In view of the fact that over 30,000 miles of water mains have been laid in the United States alone, a paper on the necessity of more accurate knowledge of the flow of water through pipes may seem out of place, but when we remember that formula; for the flow of water are altout as numerous as our water systems, one cannot wonder at the great variation in the estimated capacities of main lines or other conduits, as given by different engineers. The trouble is not so much with any certain formula, hut in its application in connection w ith conditions which are entirely different from those of the experiments on which the formula was founded. Because of this variation in results,…

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