The Fire Losses In Massachusetts In 1890.

Issue 18 and Volume 1891 9.

The Fire Losses In Massachusetts In 1890. The annual report of George S. Merrill, insurance commissioner of Massachusetts, contains an instructive review of the subject of the fire losses in that State last year, with the causes of the fires, etc., as shown by returns made by every city and town in tbe State. We abstract the following: The fire loss for the year 1890 was $4,656,149, which is $394,426 below the average fur thirteen years; but if the exceptional conflagrations in Lynn and Boston during the pre vious year are excluded, the average loss would be $4,441,941, showing more than an ordinary loss during the past year. The total number of fires Is, with the single exception of the pre vious year. the largest during the penod covered by the tables; the proportion of total to partial losses appears to be declining. pretty clearly indicating improved methods for fire…

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