Ammonia and Carbonic Acid Gas.

Issue 21 and Volume 1891 9.

Ammonia and Carbonic Acid Gas. To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER: I had prepared a communication to your valuable paper addressed to the firemen of the United States and Canada in which I gave a comparative thesis on the relative power and efficiency of “ammonia” and “carbonic acid gas” in suppressing fires, as now used in what is known on the market as “The Babcock,” “The Champion,” “The Holloway,” and “The Lindgren” chemical fire engines. I was just about to mail the communication when I received FIRE AND WATER of April 18 containing W. H. Bringhurst’s letter of April 7 from Seattle, Wash. I will hold the thesis until Mr. Bringhurst has an opportunity to answer a few questions on the subject of extinguishing fire;, by gases emitted from chemicals. As Mr. Bringhurst announces himself an expert in the use of fire extinguishing gas. will he please tell the…

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