Edison’s Boyish Ambition.

Issue 21 and Volume 1891 9.

Edison’s Boyish Ambition. In a recent number of The Continent Thos. A. Edison gave the following interesting account of his earliest aspirations as to what he wanted to do when he became a man: As a little boy I wanted to do the various things that attracted my attention, and had always some scheme afoot that completely absorbed my interest. I couldn’t begin to recall all those fanciful aspirations of that busy boyhood. But I think about the first thing I attempted was to be a gardener, owing to the fact that my father had a ten acre garden lot. With another boy I got my father’s permission to plant six acres of turnips on shares. Well, we started in, and putting the seeds not less than fourteen feet apart, had the whole lot ’’ done” in two hours and a half. The trouncing my father gave me for that…

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