Electricity as a Motive Power.

Issue 21 and Volume 1891 9.

Electricity as a Motive Power. The relative economy of cable, electric and animal motive power for street railways is the subject of a bulletin, prepared by C. H. Cooley, under supervision of Henry C. Adams, statistician of the Inter-State Commerce Commission and published by the Census Bureau. While it is stated that it is too early to form a final judgment regarding the value of electric motive power for this purpose, yet the statistics throw considerable light upon the matter. The bulletin covers statistics of fifty lines of street railways, ten of which are operated by cable, ten by electricity and thirty by animal power. The total cost of the ten cable roads, including equipment, was $26,351,416; total number of passengers carried, 101,995,695, at a total cost of $3,286,461. The operating expenses per car mile were 14.12 cents, and the operating expenses per passenger 3.22 cents. The length of all…

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