Issue 21 and Volume 1891 9.

FIRE AND WATER ESPECIAL attention is called by Secretary John S. Jones of the Connecticut State Firemen’s Association to the fact that the annual convention is to be held at New Britain on June 16 and 17, not “ August,” as by some mistake was announced in a. recent circular. A corrected copy of this circular will be found elsewhere. CARELESSNESS in handling matches was responsible for a $40,000 fire in Philadelphia last week. A match had been dropped by someone upon the oil-soaked floor of the cooperage house of the Belmont Oil Works. A barrel rolled over it; it went off with a crack and within a few hours two buildings and thousands of barrels of oil had vanished in flame and smoke. WE take pleasure in calling attention to the really admirable programme arranged for the coming convention of the New England Waterworks Association at Hartford. The list…

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