Water-Works Reports.

Issue 24 and Volume 1891 9.

Water-Works Reports. WATER COMMISSIONERS, AMSTERDAM, N. Y.—Year ending April 30, 1891.—A. H. De Graff, superintendent and engineer. But few extensions to mains were made during the year, owing to the rush of work in other departments. The distribution system now includes 20,645 miles of mains; there are 207 hydrants and 269 gates. The work upon the Hans Creek conduit was begun April 15, 1890, and completed about December 1, when the waters of Hans Creek were successfully united with those of the Bunn Creek, over fifteen miles distant. The line consists of 12 8-10 miles of 18 ami 20 inch vitrified and iron pipe*, laid to a true hydraulic grade line, iron pipes being used where the line crosses ravines and creeks, with blow-off pipes and air specials at each depression. Adam was built in the llans Creek five feet high and loo feet spillway, with brick house and inlet…

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