Boston’s Mazy Streets.

Issue 1 and Volume 1891 10.

Boston’s Mazy Streets. The city of Boston has set an excellent example to other municipalities in establishing an ordinance that henceforth all new streets shall be laid out, regardless of property lines in accordance with a plan to be established by a permanent board of survey. Ample opportunity is given to the owners of land, and other persons interested, to make suggestions, and present all the considerations which may seem to them important, but, in the end, the board of survey fixes all the street lines and grades, to which owners wishing to improve their property must conform if they desire the streets they may build to be accepted by the city, or in accordance with which the authorities themselves are empowered to construct the streets, at the request of a certain proportion of the owners of land affected, and assess the cost upon all the property benefited. New York…

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