Chicago’s Water Supply.

Issue 3 and Volume 1891 10.

Chicago’s Water Supply. At a meeting on July 20 of the finance committee of the Chicago city council it was decided to prepare an ordinance for the construction of two emergency tunnels involving a cost of $20,000. This was declared necessary because of the delay in the construction of the Bark row tunnels. In regard to the completion of the four-mile tunnel to the two and a half-mile crib so that water can be taken from it, Mr. Onderdonk said that 2300 feet of the tunnel would have to be dug to complete the tunnel from the shore to the centre intake. During the last week twenty feet have been dug a day. He also said that there is no hope of relief from the two and a half-mile tunnel this season. He was corroborated by the assistant city engineer, who said that the average rate of progress is only…

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