The Corinth Canal.

Issue 4 and Volume 1891 10.

The Corinth Canal. A correspondent of The Evening Post, writing from Athens, gives the following description of the present condition of the canal across the Isthmus at Corinth : “ Here we were at the entrance of one of the most stupendous works of the nineteenth century, or of any century. I looked upward and inward. The prism of the excavation is a little less than four miles long and perfectly straight. The ground rives rather abruptly at either end, and continues to rise gradually to a point about midway, where it is 260 feet above water level, i. e., 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls. 1 he cut is to be carried twenty-two feet below water level, and the width at bottom is to be eighty-six feet. The slope of the bank is sixty degrees, the material, a calcerous tufa, hav’ng the appearance of an indurated clay, being perfectly…

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