Berlin Street Cleaning.

Issue 4 and Volume 1891 10.

Berlin Street Cleaning. In many municipal departments the variations of weather in different years, by affecting the amount of work done, influence the fluctuations of expense. In no department is this influence more marked than in that under consideration. Snowy winters necessitate an immense increase of the labor force (men and horses); hence the expenses are in such years much greater than in meteorologically less unfavorable years. For the removal of snow alone in the fiscal year 1887-’88 619,776 marks † were expended. In the fiscal year 1888-’89 this item of expense was 486.1392 marks. * Report of Consul-General W. H. Edwards, March, 1891. † 1 mark * ISt.K cents. I.eaving these two severe winters out of account, the other five years of the period under report show only the small, natural increase in expenses due to the extension of the street network. The number of workmen regularly employed was,…

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