The Mechanical Filtration of Water.

Issue 5 and Volume 1891 10.

The Mechanical Filtration of Water. WATER is frequently charged with organic and inorganic substances in solution and in suspension. These elements are rarely disassociated in the fluid. Suspended substance if it be heavy may be eliminated by subsidence. If it be light or flocculent, it requires the water to be filtered in order to get rid of it. Settling or subsiding reservoirs are in common use in Europe and are used in some cases in this country. This rule will also apply with respect to filtration tanks and subsiding reservoirs. The progress of improvements, however, appears to be swifter in this country, and we find to-day several combination schemes in apparently successful working operation, which carry on in one plan the feature of ridding the water of its impurities, thus avoiding the expense of two plans, separately administered. Filtration under pressure combines with it the appliances for destroying the organic…

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