Issue 5 and Volume 1891 10.

GAS AND ELECTRIC LIGHTING. The Braddock (Pa.) and Turtle Creek Electric Railway Company has begun operations. Arkadelphia, Ark., is now erecting its electric light plant, and expects to have the lights this fall. The Merchants Electric Light Company of Leavenworth, Kan., has been incorporated; capital, $50,000. Directors— Chas. M. Salinger, J. H. E. Wiegart, W. B. Walker, E. McHael, Carl Hoffman, Henry Ettenson and Herman Burns, all of Leavenworth. The Madison (Wis.) Elevated Electric Railway Company has been incorporated. Commencing August t, the Consolidated Street Railway Company of Grand Rapids, Mich., will operate the lines of the Street Railway Company of Grand Rapids and the Valley City Street and Cable Railway Company of Grand Rapids. The capital stock of the new company is $2,000,000, and its officers are : A. J. Bowne, president; J. R. Chayman, vice-president and general manager; J. M. Ifagar, secretary; James Blair, treasurer; B. S. Hanchett,…

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