Issue 6 and Volume 1891 10.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. The citizens of Archer, Tex., will sink an artesian well. Monticello, Ill., has just completed an artesian well for city purposes, finding water at the depth of 314 feet. A test was made with a powerful engine throwing ninety-two barrels per hour, and the water came in twice as fast as the engine could pump it out. A tower will be erected and the whole city supplied with the water. Isaac S. Carrin of Philadelphia has advised the Woodstown (N. J.) authorities to abandon the idea of securing its water supply from Jos. Weatherby’s farm, on account of the great expense of pumping and piping it into town. His idea is to secure a supply from artesian wells, four of which he claims would give an ample supply. The four wells could be drilled for about $900 apiece. It is thought that the council will have one…

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