Gates or Valves in Water-works Distribution.

Issue 6 and Volume 1891 10.

Gates or Valves in Water-works Distribution. FEW water-works are properly equipped in the matter of valves for shutting off water when required. For economical reasons (so called) they are located “few and far between,” and still worse are, in many cases, out of service, being unfit for use. In any system of distribution a proper and just appreciation of these safeguards will be found in a frequent application of them in order to be able to shut off a district with a minimum of inconvenience to the water consumers and without greatly increasing fire risk. In addition to an ample number of valves is the importance of keeping them in perfect order, ready to work efficiently when needed. To the disgrace of many water-works few’ of the valves are in order. This defect may be due to original construction and neglect of repairs. The best constructed devices in the service…

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