Issue 9 and Volume 1891 10.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. Two more wells are being drilled at the water-works at Marion, Ind., by Percault & Carroll. The Marion Leader says: “It is the intention of the water-works trustees to furnish the city with an ample supply of water for all purposes, and as soon as the big cistern and these two additional wells are completed there will be no scarcity, no matter how prolonged the drouth.” The city of Alexandria, La., has contracted with the New Orleans Artesian Well Company of New Orleans for the sinking of two artesian wells with a daily capacity of 100,000 gallons each. The city of Cameron, Tex., will sink an artesian well. For information address the mayor. It is desired to contract for the sinking of an artesian well near Lynchburg. Address ]. E. Edmunds, Lynchburg, Va. The voters of the township of Garden Prairie, S. D., have voted to bond…

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