The Cost of Street Cleaning and Lighting.

Issue 9 and Volume 1891 10.

The Cost of Street Cleaning and Lighting. The United States Census Bureau has issued a bulletin on the social statistics of cities, which was prepared under the direction of Dr. John S. Billings, expert special agent of the census office. Data are given with regard to streets, street lighting, water-works, sewers, police and fire departments of fifty of the larger cities in the United States, which have furnished the information asked for. The percentage of the total area of cities which is occupied by streets is shown to vary greatly. Thus in Taunton it is 3.2 ; in Worcester, 5.4 ; in Boston, 8.8, and in Fall River, 9.2 ; while in Denver it is 73.9; in Indianapolis, 56.4 ; in Washington, 43.5, ami in Baltimore, 34 4. All the streets of Boston, Worcester and Holyoke are paved, while in Minneapolis J>ut 3.1, in St. Paul, 4.1, and in Dallas,…

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