The Year’s Fire Record in Boston.

Issue 9 and Volume 1891 10.

The Year’s Fire Record in Boston. FIRE MARSHAL C. W. WHITCOMB of Boston has gained the well-deserved reputation not only of being a painstaking and efficient official, but of making reports which are both instructive and interesting. The one which he has just submitted to the city council, covering the year ending April 30 last, is no exception to the rule. From it we learn that during the period under review there had been seven hundred and forty fires as against seven hundred and forty-seven during the previous year, the total direct loss aggregating $970,300, or an average loss per fire of $1311, as compared with an average loss in the preceding year of $6,645.19, and in the year before that of $1308. The fire department responded to two hundred and fifty false or needless alarms. It may be noted here that during the year 1890 the New York Fire…

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