Issue 12 and Volume 1891 10.

MASSACHUSETTS. TWELFTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OK THE STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. IN assembling for the twelfth annual convention, the members of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association are to be warmly congratulated upon the choice of so fine a city as Lowell as the place of meeting, and the prospect of its being the most successful and instructive event since its organization. While the echoes of the National Association proceedings at Springfield are still in the air, comes the Lowell convention to add another chapter to the history of progressive fire service to which the firemen of the Bay State can justly lay claim. The Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association was organised May 10, l88t, and received its charter from the State legislature in 1883, and since that date so well have its aflairs been managed that it now stands at the head of the list of Stale associations, both as to membership and…

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