The Fire Department of Aspen, Col.

Issue 12 and Volume 1891 10.

The Fire Department of Aspen, Col. A correspondent at Aspen, Col., sends us the following particulars concerning the fire department of that city: The department is a volunteer one, with the exception of the chief and janitor, who are elected by the department. The salary of the former is $125 per month; that of the latter, $100. The department consists of four companies, known as the Aspen Hose Company No. 1, thirty-seven members; Cowenhoven Hose Company No. 2, thirty members ; the Red Star Hose Company No. 3, eighteen members, and J. D. Hooper Hook and Ladder Company, thirty-six members. Their apparatus consists of four hose carts and one hook and ladder truck, with 5000 feet of hose. The headquarters are in the city hall, which is a two-story brick structure containing a large reading and assembly room and six sleeping apartments for the fire department, also offices for the…

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