The Present Aspect of Electric Traction.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 10.

The Present Aspect of Electric Traction. No branch of the great electrical industries has progressed with such rapid and gigantic strides as electric traction. Four years ago the electric car was struggling for recognition as a commercial possibility; a year later it was a pronounced commercial success; to-day about one-half of the capital invested in the street railways of this country is employed in the operation of roads employing electric motive power. Within these few years numerous competing systemsof electric traction have sprung up, and a vast amount of ingenuity and patient effort has been expended on the improvement of motors, gearing, generators, systems of conductors and feeders, accumulators, underground conduits and all the numerous units which combine together to move passengers from place to place by means of the subtle influence of the electric current. The single trolley system of electric traction has held its own by reason of…

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