Standard Storehouse Construction.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 10.

Standard Storehouse Construction. These illustrations represent salient points in design for a mill Storehouse several stories in height, and include many features found useful in practice for convenience in operation, and also securing the greatest measure of resistance to fire. This plan is not intended to take the place of the services of any mill engineer, but rather to assise in such work. This office holds itself in readiness to furnish to its members estimates of the strength of floors. It is important that the floor beams should be designed to sustain the greatest load ever to be placed on them, and the stories should be made low enough to prevent overloading, and also to prevent bales of material from being piled to great height, the preferable method being to place bales on end. These floors, with beams of twenty feet span, laid eight feet on centres, will sustain a…

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