The Proposed New Water-Works for Duluth.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 10.

The Proposed New Water-Works for Duluth. The following estimate has been made by City Engineer Keating of Duluth, Minn., of the cost of constructing the proposed water supply system in three parts of the city which are at present without water service. His report reads as follows: “The estimate herewith submitted provides for raising the water from Lake Superior and delivering it into reservoirs for the supply of the low and middle sections of the city, the high section to be supplied by special pumping machinery forcing the water directly into pipes without the intervention of a separate reservoir, the construction of which may be deferred until some future day when the necessity for it becomes more apparent than at present. No provision has been made for land damages or for the construction of the distribution system, as I understood from conversation with mover of resolution, that the laying of…

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