Responsibility For Sparks from Locomotives.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 10.

Responsibility For Sparks from Locomotives. An interesting case which has just been tried in the Court of Session, the supreme judicatory of Scotland, practically involving the question as to what means of arresting sparks from a locomotive boiler is efficient, is reported in Engineering. On June 5 last year a flax store in Port-Glasgow, twenty-nine feet from the rails of the Caledonian Company’s line from Glasgow to Greenock and the coast, was burned down and the contents destroyed. The contention was that the mischief had been done by a spark from a locomotive, and the company were sued for £ 12,000 damages. This contention was denied ; but the judge has come to the conclusion that it was proved. Contributory negligence was pleaded. The building was of two stories, and as is the custom with flax stores, there were no windows, the sun having a tendency to deteriorate and diminish…

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