The Syracuse Water-Works Question.

Issue 13 and Volume 1891 10.

FIRE AND WATER The Syracuse Water-Works Question. THE condemnation proceedings by the city of Syracuse in the matter of the Syracuse Water Company, which have occupied the attention of the commission appointed by the Supreme Court of New York State for several months, were finally submitted to them for their decision on Saturday, September 5. The case in brief is, as was tersely and aptly stated by Martin A. Knapp, counsel for the Syracuse Water Company, in his able argument closing the case, as follows: “The city of Syracuse seeks by this proceeding to acquire the plant and property, the rights and privileges, the franchise and good will, in short, the entire company. It is the most extreme and arbitrary exercise of power which the legislature can confer, the taking of private property against the will of the owner. This proceeding therefore is the sentence of death against this corporation,…

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