The Water Supply of Fort Worth, Tex.

Issue 14 and Volume 1891 10.

The Water Supply of Fort Worth, Tex. In answer to an inquiry from Colonel Richard J. Hinton of Washington, special agent of the department of agriculture, for information regarding the artesian water supply system of Fort Worth, Tex., J. M. Clarke, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of that city, has furnished the following details: There are about 300 wells in Fort Worth, all artesian. Of these, say, ten are flowing, the balance require to be pumped to secure the water. Prior to 1889 there were no flowing wells. In that year a stratum of water was struck at the depth of 390 feet, but the flow was weak, and, as each additional well taking water from that depth seemed to weaken the flow, it was not long before the flow ceased entirely. To demonstrate the matter of a permanent flow, the city assumed the expense of siuking a deep…

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