The Inventor of the Electric Light.

Issue 14 and Volume 1891 10.

The Inventor of the Electric Light. The following letter, written to The Chicago Inter-Ocean by A. C. Fulton of Davenport, Ia., gives some interesting information relative to the development of the electric light: DAVENPORT, IA., August 10.—To the Editor: The Scienti fic American of July 11, 1891, publishes this: “ANTIQUITY OF THE ELECTRIC Light.—(From The Scientific American, December 9, 1848.)—New Electrical Light —The inventors of a new elecirical light exhibited at the Western Literary Institute, Leicester, on its recent reopening under the new auspices expect, it is said, to apply it generally to shop and street illumination, and they state that while the conveying will cost no more than gas the expense of illumination will be one-twelfth the price of the latter light.’” The Scientific American of 1848 names Messrs. Staite and Peterie of England as the inventors of this new light. This is a great error and can he…

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