The Fire Protection of the Future.

Issue 14 and Volume 1891 10.

The Fire Protection of the Future. IN his address upon fireproof buildings, delivered before the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association at Lowell last week, ex-Chief John S. Damrell of Boston remarked in effect that, judging from the papers read and the debates which occurred at last year’s convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers, at Detroit, the association apparently lost sight of the fact that it was organized for the purpose of devising the best means of putting out fires, while the members dwelt almost exclusively upon the subject of fire resisting building construction. This he held to be a tacit acknowledgment that our fire departments as now organized and equipped are not able to cope with the increasing hazard from fire in our cities. He considers this a matter which, if true, calls for earnest reflection. It most certainly does. While we cannot see that the chief engineers at…

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