The First Iron Bridge.

Issue 14 and Volume 1891 10.

The First Iron Bridge. At the present day, when we are accustomed to look upon iron as the chief constructive material with which civil engineers and architects all over the world deal, the first iron bridge that was ever built, says The Baltimore Sun, ⅛ a curious sight. This bridge, the arches of which were made of iron, was called “ Ironbridge,” and it was erected in 1778. It spans a little river in the county of Salop, on the railroad line from Shrewsbury to Worcester, in England. At the present day the structure is surrounded by a thriving little village, which took its name from the bridge. Several iron foundries have been established in the neighborhood. The structure was a timid attempt at what has since developed into an extensive industry. There are three supports; two of them are very small and cross a narrow country road, while the…

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