The Report upon the Croton Watershed.

Issue 14 and Volume 1891 10.

The Report upon the Croton Watershed. COMMISSIONER GILROY, in his report of September 23 to Mayor Grant, says: “In my opinion, the first step to be taken to accomplish the desired object in the most direct, effective, reasonable and comparatively economical manner is the acquisition in fee simple of a strip of land not less than 250 feet wide above high-water mark on each side of the principal streams and around each lake, pond and reservoir tributary to our water supply, at the points where nuisances now exist and deleterious substances are discharged into the water; the land to be acquired and entered upon with the same proceedings, facilities and privileges now afforded by law to the aqueduct commissioners, whereby they can take immediate possession upon determining the necessity of acquisition and filing maps and descriptions. All objectionable buildings and nuisances could then be removed from immediate proximity to the…

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