The Jersey City Water Supply.

Issue 15 and Volume 1891 10.

The Jersey City Water Supply. JERSEY CITY obtains her water supply from the Passaic river. It is well known that this river is polluted from Paterson to its terminal, Newark bay, by the sewage and drainage of all the towns lying between Jersey City intake at Bellvue, a short distance below the intake of the city of Newark, arid the city of Paterson. It is stated that the river between the falls at Paterson and Newark bay, its outlet, is a cesspool receiving the sewage of 200,000 people, besides the drainage refuse of a large number of factories. It is almost incredible that this is the actual condition of the water supply of Jersey City. Why does she not take steps to acquire a new source of supply from the East Jersey Water Company ? The city of Newark, appreciating the danger, has made a contract with this company to…

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