The Water Supply of Chicago.

Issue 15 and Volume 1891 10.

The Water Supply of Chicago. From present indications it appears as though the city of Chicago would be unable to obtain the wished for increase to its water supply from the new four-mile tunnel next year. The Chicago Globe, of Sept. 27, says: “It was expected that water would be secured from the two end a half mile crib of the four-mile tunnel last August, the city having entered into a supplementary contract with Contractor Onderdonk to pay him a bonus of $50,000 if he would complete the tunnel to the two and one half mile crib by that date. Mr. Onderdonk failed to do so and that contract became void, leaving no agreement on his part to furnish the city with water from the two and one-half mile crib. No water can be had from the four-mile tunnel before it is entirely completed. At the present rate of progress…

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