The Simplon Tunnel.

Issue 16 and Volume 1891 10.

The Simplon Tunnel. Advices from Berne, Switzerland, state that the details of the proposed tunnel through Mount Simplon, in Lepentine Alps, Canton of Valais, Switzerland, near the Piedmontese frontier. 11.124 feet in height, over which Napoleon built his famous road, are made public, the proposals submitted to the Government having been printed. While Napoleon’s road, which was nearly thirty-eight miles in length, extending to D’Ossolo, took nearly six years to complete, this new work will occupy eight and one-half years in its construction, although its length is only 19,731 meters, or nearly 39,000 yards. The cost of the tunnel alone is estimated at 67.270,000 francs ($13,454,000), while the building of the entire line will require an outlay of 71,700,000 francs ($14.340,000). To this must be added the additional sum of 8,400,000 francs, to be devoted to the formation of a sinking fund, which will bring the grand total cost up…

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