Steel Chimneys for Mercantile Buildings.

Issue 16 and Volume 1891 10.

Steel Chimneys for Mercantile Buildings. Steel chimneys are being erected in connection with some of Chicago’s tall buildings. The Fair building has at present the tallest under construction. The chimney when completed, will be 250 feet high, being considerably higher than any other in the city, the highest at the present time being the one at the Gottfried Brewing Company’s plant at Archer and Stewart avenues, which is 175 feet. The outside diameter is 9 feet 5 inches, while the steel varies in thickness from at the top to ⅜-inch at the bottom. The lower 75 feet of the chimney is lined with fire brick 8 inches deep, formed 10 fit the shell compactly all around. Above this it is lined with hollow tile. This lining is supported at intervals of 25 feet by angle riveted to the steel shell; in other words, the chimney is lined in a manner…

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