An Improved Landing Pad.

Issue 16 and Volume 1891 10.

An Improved Landing Pad. The accompanying illustrations show a self-inflating mat or cushion for the sliding poles of engine houses, known as the “Peerless.” It is designed to obviate the dangers attendant upon landing, at the foot of the pole, upon hard floors or mats, or upon such mats as, being inflated with air or water, are exposed to the chances of collapsing. The Peerless Landing Pad is self-inflating, and its construction will readily be understood on inspection of the cuts. It is composed of fine Para rubber, in one piece, provided with a plurality of pillows or ribs, which are so arranged as to normally support the pad or cushion in its inflated condition, but which will yield to outside pressure, so that when a person steps or lands on the pad they will yield and permit of the escape of the air within the cells of the pad,…

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