Issue 21 and Volume 1891 10.

SEWERAGE. Columbus, Ga., wants a complete system of sewers. The question of bonding the city for this purpose to the extent of $175,000 is to be submitted to the taxpayers on January 16. The city of Oldtown, Me., will spend $12,000 on new sewers. The board of trustees of South Orange, N. J., has decided to spend $100,000 on a system of sewers, and has employed Engineer C. P. Bassett and W. H. White to submit plans. Sewer bonds to the extent of $10,000 have been issued by Jamestown, N. Y. They are to run thirty years and bear four per cent interest. Revere. Mass., is still considering the subject of sewerage, but no definite plan has yet been adopted. William Hanna & Co. of Kearney, N. J., are building the great brick sewer in Arlington, N. J. Grand Junction, Utah, is shortly going to issue bonds for sewerage and…

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