Issue 22 and Volume 1891 10.

MISCELLANEOUS. Bonds have been issued for grading and shelling the streets at Houston, Tex. At the special election at Hastings, Neb., called for the purpose of voting paving bonds, the proposition was carried by over 400 majority. A number of propertyowners residing on Biddle street, Baltimore, have had that thoroughfare paved with vitrified paving brick, made by the United States Fire Clay Company of Pittsburg. From curb to curb the street is made smooth by these bricks, which are set closely together edgeways The gutters are also laid with them, the edges being sloped to allow the watet to enter the gutter freely. It is claimed that this kind of roadbed is not only more smooth and sightly than other street pavements, but lasts longer than asphalt. The Calvert street roadbed, between Biddle and Preston streets, will be laid with the bricks, which are half an inch each u>ay larger…

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