Issue 22 and Volume 1891 10.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. There was a big lumber fire in Ottawa, Canada, recently, and along with the Forty-third Battalion of militia and the Government Fire Guard, a number of Government clerks were ordered out by the Government officials to help strangle the fire and protect property. Last pay-day the heroic and patriotic clerks found that they had been docked one day’s pay each for the time that they were fighting the fire by order of the Government. Of course this appears like meanness upon the part of some official, but was probably due to red-tapeism. For genuine, voluntry meanness, however, commend us to the custom of some manufacturers of docking the pay of such of their employees who belong to the local fire department for time spent at fires. Such meanness as is shown by this action, is simply inexcusable. John W. Smith, ex-assistant chief of the Brooklyn Fire Department,…

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