Captain Shaw’s Successor.

Issue 24 and Volume 1891 10.

Captain Shaw’s Successor. The discussion in the London (Eng.) County Council over the appointment of a chief of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade to succeed Captain Shaw is rather amusingly satirized in one of the local papers by a member of the council, who is, as will be inferred, a friend of the captain’s, in a report of a supposed meeting, as follows: At a meeting of the London County Council held yesterday afternoon, Mr. Buggins asked if anything had been done with regard to appointing a gentleman to succeed Captain Shaw. Mr. Jobbins objected to the use of the word gentleman. What the council wanted was a servant. Mr. Buggins accepted the correction. He proposed that the salary should be fixed at £200 a year and free quarters. Mr. Bighead—And let the beggar understand he’ll have to be respectful and touch his hat to us. We don’t want a chap…

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