Issue 24 and Volume 1891 10.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. The artesian well at Mandan, N. D., is now down 1500 feet and as yet there are no indications ot water. The contract is that, if necessary, the well be sunk to 2000 feet for $10,000. Up to the present $6200 has been paid the contractors, and it is doubtful if the water will be obtained in the distance yet to be drilled. A proposition to sink wells for fire protection at Roslyn, N. Y., is assuming shape. Address, K. M. Eastman. Bids for sinking a well at Kreeburg, 111., are wanted. Address, Z. T. Hanna, city clerk. A new artesian well on the Brayton ranch, near Alpena, Minn., yields 240 gallons of water per minute through a 3)4-inch pipe. Monmouth, III., contemplates sinking well to increase the city water supply. Address, R. G. Young, superintendent. A VVhitewright, Tex., dispa ch says : The city is preparing…

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