Electric Power From Water Power.

Issue 24 and Volume 1891 10.

Electric Power From Water Power. In the old curiosity shop of the United States consular reports one occasionally lights upon something fresh in interest and present in its practical value. This is especially true, remarks a St. Paul contemporary, of a recent paper by Frank H. Mason, consul general at Frankfort, describing a successful attempt in Germany to transform water power into electric force, transmit it by ordinary wires over long distances, and make it available at the end of the route, with only an inconsiderable percentage of loss in transit. At Lauffen, on the Neckar, 108 miles from Frankfort, there is a considerable waterfall, giving an estimated 200 to 300 horse-power. The experiment proposed, in the language of the report, to “ convert it into a current of intense pressure, by specially devised transformers, transmit it to the Frankfort exhibition, there retransform it into a current of ordinary pressure,…

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