Grand Rapids Excellent System.

Issue 26 and Volume 1891 10.

Grand Rapids Excellent System. We are indebted to City Engineer H. A. Collar of Grand Rapids, Mich., for a copy of the eighteenth annual report of the board of public works of that enterprising city. The report says No credit has ever been given to the water-works system for fire protection, which makes it appear at first sight that the water system does not make a good financial showing. But taking into consideration the reduction of insurance rates on the residences, manufacturing plants, and all property liable to destruction by fire, it clearly shows that a water plant is the best paying investment that any municipality can make. To illustrate : Information from insurance headquarters shows that the amount of property insured in this city is from $2o,ooo.(xx> to $22,(XX),000. The rates of insurance are from one-fourth of one per cent to five per cent per annum, before the establishment…

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