Issue 26 and Volume 1891 10.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. At noon on December 15 the new fire service of the New Orleans department went into commission. It is a paid system and starts out under the most favorable auspices, its officers and men being drawn largely from the volunteer service. All the apparatus, hose, etc., has been purchased by the city, the transfer taking place Tuesday. Chief O’Connor remains in charge of the department. The first company organized in New Orleans was a bucket brigade, on January 31, 1807. This brigade was quite Republican as far as membership was concerned. no regard being paid to color or previous condition. In time the darkies predominated, and to them was relegated almost entirely the work of extinguishing fires. The first attempt to organize a paid department was in 1833. when the city council appointed squads of negroes and placed them under the command of a negro named Johnson.…

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