Flow of Water in Subterranean Channels.

Issue 26 and Volume 1891 10.

Flow of Water in Subterranean Channels. P. Y. Barber of Richmond county, Va., propounds this very interesting question to The Scientific American: There have been in this immediate vicinity, driven or bored, about a dozen artesian wells. They are on the flats bordering the river (Rappahannock), and as the water rises only eight or ten feet above the level of the river some of them will scarcely come above the level of the ground; hence the water will usually come no higher than the discharge pipe. Now the mooted question is, What causes the water in these pipes to ebb and flow with the tides? It is not observable in wells that have their discharge pipes five or six feet below the highest water point, but very perceptible in those that are cut within a foot of their usual gauge. The average ebb and flow of the tide is about…

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