Causes of Fire in Theatres.

Issue 26 and Volume 1891 10.

Causes of Fire in Theatres. From personal observation during the past fourteen years. I have ascertained that the causes of the origin and spread of fires in theatres and places of entertainment arise from numerous and various sources. When a building has been planned and constructed so that it will in every way retard the spread of fire and panic, it should be considered how, should a fire break out. in spite of all these precautions, it could be most effectually coped with Places of public amusement of this class can never, on account of the peculiar nature of their business, be actually fireproof, although they can, as I have tried to show in these papers, be made entirely fire-resisting down to the minutest detail, and therefore, as far as the public are concerned, safe, provided ordinary measures and precautions are taken, so that should, by any mishap, a fire…

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