Issue 2 and Volume 1892 11.

WELL DRILLING NOTES The new well for the Panhandle Improvement Company, at Ft. Worth, will be sunk near Lake Como. The work will be under the immediate direction of M. J. Davis, the head driller of the Panhandle Company, in charge of the drilling rig. He has had over twenty years’ experience in deep well work in the oil regions of Pennsylvania, and he has demonstrated by his work that he is a master of his business, having made the best time on the Texas and Pacific well that has yet been made in Fort Worth. He also managed the work on the Tucker hill well, putting it down 3500 feet, making it the fifth deepest well in the United States. Since the sentiment of the Galveston city council has been shown to favor paying the deep well contractors their full contract price, $75,000, upon the completion of the well…

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